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End of the road: Windows Server 2008 Upgrade blocked by PowerShell

Today is going to be this year’s big day. The hero in me stays home and tries to upgrade one of our test servers with Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition with all (!) updates to Window Server 2008 Enterprise Edition. … Continue reading

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Code Analysis missing from Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition? Install MSXML 6 (again).

If you feel tempted to do some uninstallation on your machine, including SQL Server 2005 Express w/ Advanced Services and the toolkit, including Management Studio and Business Intelligence Studio, then strangely in Visual Studio, Code Analysis and other components and add-ins may … Continue reading

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World, we have lift-off! Another dot on my resume. I’m quite anxious to see customer’s reactions. What about the overall architecture, what about rough edges, if any? Software for niche markets is never without trouble, both for developers and customers. Let’s hope they … Continue reading

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