Code Analysis missing from Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition? Install MSXML 6 (again).

If you feel tempted to do some uninstallation on your machine, including SQL Server 2005 Express w/ Advanced Services and the toolkit, including Management Studio and Business Intelligence Studio, then strangely in Visual Studio, Code Analysis and other components and add-ins may behave erratically afterwards.


The Code Analysis tab may be missing from the Project Properties page and the "Suppress Message(s)" menu item may be disabled no matter what you do. Also, if you have "CopySource As Html" installed it may be missing, too.


Install MSXML 6 and its latest security updates.


DO use Code Analysis (aka FxCop). It’s not the best code analysis you can have, but, as always, better than no code analysis at all.

DO NOT suppress any code analysis error on sight. You may see them code lines again when you debug an error reported from a customer.

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