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Joel on Microsoft AntiSpyware

While Germany drowned in snow I was on the beach for a week. No computers. Missed them. A bit. Meanwhile in the blogosphere, Joel wrote a nice rant about Microsoft AntiSpyware. I do not necessarily agree with all his opinions, … Continue reading

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How to do Internationalization wrong

First, I want to thank any software engineer who thinks about globalization, localization and translation and goes through the pains of resource libraries, satellite assemblies, bidirectional input, code pages, composite characters and Kanji backspace. I’m really supporting all these efforts. … Continue reading

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MS05-004 TargetInvocationException

When I’m trying to run the 886903 update, I get a TargetInvocation exception in some SL?.tmp on two different machines (XP SP2, 2000Pro) with Visual Studio .NET 2003 and 830348 installed. Unfortunately, the underlying exception (0xe0434f4d) is less informative than E_FAIL. Update: The … Continue reading

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Why it’s possible you get spammed even though

You may do everything you can to protect your private or business email address from being recognized by the address catchers: №1:You’re only giving it away to close friends or business partners №2:You’re not using it to register for newsletters … Continue reading

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How to get a job at a top-notch software company

If what you’re doing now has come to its natural end or you’re otherwise not happy with what you’re doing right now, you might think it’s a good time to apply for some of those open positions you find on … Continue reading

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