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Autonomous Driving Is A Pipe Dream

We have come a long way since the days of the first DARPA Grand Challenge, now every car manufacturer, technology giant and countless start-ups are creating driverless cars and put them on the road in Nevada, California, Switzerland, Singapore, and, … Continue reading

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Steering wheels. Pry it from our frightened cold hands.

Google is trying hard to fast-track the Get Go of their autonomous vehicles and they are pushing the US government to accept that those “passed federal safety standards”. This coup is nothing but aiming at turning around liability – should … Continue reading

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GWX off my …

Just in case  

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Android phones may be exposed to an issue called Stagefright that allows attackers to take over a user’s computer (“phone”). I would like to give updates on actual phones being fixed in regards of this vulnerability, but I can’t. But, … Continue reading

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Abandon All Hope

Tonight, the Rally to Restore Sanity finally seems to come to an end. And it’s not looking good. Still, the only voice against hate, political lies and outright fraud, institutional overreach, and general stupidity and/or malice, is a stand-up comedian … Continue reading

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Reason № 20140125102752 nobody should be forced to write Windows software

[] Emphasis mine When designing a program for Windows 7, you should consider using the XPS Print API to provide the printing functionality because it provides the most compatibility for the future. [] [The XPS Print API is not supported … Continue reading

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You say it best, when you say nothing at all

Which is why I’ve been hesitant to utter my dissatisfaction with the mess the development for Microsoft Windows has become. Of course, I’m not alone predicting Windows 8’s demise. But since the new runtime and environment hordes of Windows programmers … Continue reading

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