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Frameworks suck

… because they fail to do what some/most/any/one developer expects them to do. Say you have a list of key-value-pairs you want to persist. For instance, in a file. In the days of Microsoft.NET 2.0 this obviously is an IDictionary, … Continue reading

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Check Please!

A colleague of mine just asked me what word to use to initiate checkout in a US restaurant. I immediately replied "’Check, please!’, or more polite ‘Could I/we have the check, please?’", but I had to look up various references to try … Continue reading

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I still know for what you searched last summer

Google reveals why and which information they retain in a blog post on their Official Google Blog. It goes to show, pretty much any search gets retained with it’s originating IP address, and how it relates within an entire stream of … Continue reading

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BoundField.DataFormatString=”{0:d}” doesn’t work for DateTime unless HtmlEncode=”false” And, read the f#$%^&king manual.

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