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Autonomous Driving Is A Pipe Dream

We have come a long way since the days of the first DARPA Grand Challenge, now every car manufacturer, technology giant and countless start-ups are creating driverless cars and put them on the road in Nevada, California, Switzerland, Singapore, and, … Continue reading

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Abandon All Hope

Tonight, the Rally to Restore Sanity finally seems to come to an end. And it’s not looking good. Still, the only voice against hate, political lies and outright fraud, institutional overreach, and general stupidity and/or malice, is a stand-up comedian … Continue reading

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[German] Der Gipfel "Wenn die Politik und die Hochschulen in Deutschland früher damit begonnen hätten, mehr Informatiker auszubilden, dann hätte auch SAP heute mehr Mitarbeiter in Deutschland."

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I still know for what you searched last summer

Google reveals why and which information they retain in a blog post on their Official Google Blog. It goes to show, pretty much any search gets retained with it’s originating IP address, and how it relates within an entire stream of … Continue reading

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The dream of e-voting is a nightmare

There’s an article and some interesting comments on Bruce Schneier’s blog about a Voting Machine Vulnerability. Machines like this (as well as self-conscious refrigerators) pose a serious issue with the burden of proof. I don’t think I would want to have to proof failure … Continue reading

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