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Upgrading assemblies in the Global Assembly Cache is horror

First, there is this (, This makes it hard for people shipping shared assemblies using merge modules. Then, there are all those clients of the assembly referencing the old version. Publisher policy may or may not work. So, basically, we need … Continue reading

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INSTR and SUBSTR performance on Oracle database systems

The largest string PL/SQL can handle is NVARCHAR2(32767). If you need larger strings, you need to use the NCLOB datatype. But although SUBSTR and INSTR work on this datatype, too, performance is abysmal, your CPU and RAM will burn and your disks … Continue reading

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HP ProLiant ML350 G5 Disk Failures and Lockup/Freeze

From my experience, HP ProLiant servers are quite good value for the buck, although it’s quite a lot of buck, actually, and the tag "server" is really only applicable to the machines greater than a ML150. The configuration and maintenance software is usable … Continue reading

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