Abandon All Hope


Tonight, the Rally to Restore Sanity finally seems to come to an end.

And it’s not looking good.

Still, the only voice against hate, political lies and outright fraud, institutional overreach, and general stupidity and/or malice, is a stand-up comedian that appears to do nothing than just stick together clips of Very Serious People and other everyday pricks and dicks, uttering stupid and, most of the time, unfortunately, dangerous and bone-headed beliefs.

That has made a huge difference in human kind’s new millennium that is seeing more (of the same) wars and more (of the same) economical meltdowns and more, badly handled, even natural catastrophes that left (the same) huge numbers of people dying, starving, drowning, freezing, actively or passively tortured or humiliated in any other thinkable and unthinkable way.

And it is not that this isn’t approached by other political satire or comedy, or even that the Daily Show won’t continue to be revealing without Stewart, it is his edge that will be missed.

Stewart’s secret ingredient is New-York-style US-intellectual humanism, of course mixed with Comedy Central trademark butt jokes and foul language, but more often than not exactly at the right point.

With this humanism underneath, his (almost) never cynical comedy brings to light the poisonous inhumanity of everyday politics at world or nation scale or in every small community as well as the recklessness and ignorance and the tears, we, everybody of us, may be brought to.

Maybe, Comedy Central, or Viacom, for what its worth, just want to get out of the political business, and get back to its insanity, its 24-hour stream of fart and butt jokes. Already in 2014, it had already stopped world-wide online distribution of the The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

To Jon Stewart, it may be a now 16-year long streak of tiring days weeks with other sad and depressing truths he has to work with his writers and shed some comical light on almost every night.

To us, it may have been an important (the only) sign of sanity in a mad world.

That sanity will be missed.

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