Android phones may be exposed to an issue called Stagefright that allows attackers to take over a user’s computer (“phone”).

I would like to give updates on actual phones being fixed in regards of this vulnerability, but I can’t.

But, despite all-English settings, Google’s search returns only German results that have no relevance to the Android Stagefright issue at hand. Also, in this regard anyway, little is known about any recent or older phones from all the manufacturers, providers, resellers and vendors regarding firmware updates for affected models.

Apparently, Google has some fixes.

If one is old enough to remember, this is Windows Mobile history repeating. Little will you get for your one-to-three-year-old phone from your vendor, network provider, or manufacturer to fix even the direst of issues as they will not in a billion years figure out a coordinated way to get you protected.

There is no incentive for them to do that. You have already signed your contract and paid. And, in all likelihood, you still are, for months to come.

Same shit, similar phones. There is no spoon.

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