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DotNet “Agile” Rocks

Among the media I try to consume to better understand the trade and affairs of my business are not only the Channel 9 videos, on PDC, and the like, but also the dotnetrocks podcasts. While I’m not listening regularly enough … Continue reading

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StyleCop fixes may be breaking changes, part this.X of this.Y

I seem to have an ongoing series about Practical Software Masochism™ where I describe the practical problems of my adherence to StyleCop. Today’s rule of horror is: SA1202: All private fields must be placed after all internal fields. Which is … Continue reading

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My stories of Windows Mobile’s death are greatly exaggerated

Now, after Mix 2010, the Windows Phone narrative continues with a new wave of developer tools for Windows Phone. Basically, it seems all links to its predecessors are virtually cut. With the developer tools apparently not allowing interop with the … Continue reading

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