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Windows Vista: viscous circle

Windows Vista comes closer to it’s first year in public, and Service Pack 1 is taking shape. However, there a still public and open rants about it, and still, probably your software, too, has not been tested on Windows Vista yet! I’m wondering why … Continue reading

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How IE7 eats desktop heap like nothin’ and seemingly can’t be stopped doing it

Internet Explorer has by no means ever been a frugal application, at least not since it’s 3rd or 4th incarnation. But, with IE7, resource usage is on a spree. Even idling with a page loaded from internal resources (e.g. navcancel), almost … Continue reading

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Reporting false negatives to Sophos PureMessage

My employer recently switched from Symantec Brightmail to Sophos PureMessage. Now I am missing out on the Brightmail Plug-in for Outlook that helped removing and reporting false negatives. So I hacked something for Outlook 2003 in an almost dead-language. Now I can hit a … Continue reading

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Runtime error on or pages constantly loading

When accessing  from Internet Explorer or Visual Studio 2005 Help/Search/Community, you might get a runtime error or the page seems to be loading constantly. This is due to status codes 500 Server Error or 307 Redirect. Unfortunately, the 307 redirects … Continue reading

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Gotcha! How to get BackgroundWorker.RunWorkerCompleted to cause “Cross-thread operation not valid” exceptions

Oh yeah, it’s "Messin’ With the Framework" week (or year?). It’s my life™. I did nothing, really. Just adding a little piece of code into an existing Windows.Forms application. However, my code ended up running into an InvalidOperationException "Cross-thread operation … Continue reading

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