Shortfall (over Northern Europe)

Big news today from, as they present their long awaited new phones.

I’d like to not be accused of Cassandra complex, but what Nokia presents is falling quite short given all the expectations, their own concepts as the N8, N9, or N900, the South-East-Asian Windows Phone competition, or even more any of the leading smartphones.

Unless there’s going to be a Lumia 900, my HTC TouchPro has to survive another year.

I still have to wait for a WP7 phone with a MicroSD-Slot: any reports about a “16GB Micro-SD” slot on the Lumia 719 were a hoax.

On the German Nokia site, the Lumia 800 is featured under “Business” phones, but it is unclear to me what kind of business would be profiting from a bigger camera, better graphics support, navigation and the optional car kit, but not a keyboard.

There is still too much focus on “joy” features (a trademark for Windows Phone), but then they don’t even have a dual-core CPU, a second camera for video calls, or Skype.

Yeah, we can switch covers on the Lumia 710!

All in all, too little, too late. If this is all MicrosNokia has to offer, neither Lumia nor Windows Phone will find a place in history.

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