I have been WordPress-ed.

All good things come to an end.

Obviously, Web 2.0 is being real-world-ed, enterprised and finance-managed into “Web 2.1 for Online Content Consumers”. Services with unclear business value are falling like trees in the snow storm, for instance Bloglines. 

Now Microsoft’s Live Spaces is going down the drain. Not that there was ever any consistent integration into MSN, Live, Hotmail or whatever Microsoft’s consumer web platform should be. And it probably caused so much of spam traffic to Passport Windows Live ID that the cost of maintenance has become prohibitive.

At least they have the grace to provide a rather seemless upgrade path. Bloglines doesn’t.

I don’t really like WordPress that much, it is way to much PHP for my taste, but I still haven’t found time and motivation to pursue my own syndication engine implementation and I might put if off until there is really, really nothing else to do and a compelling feature needs to be brought to the world.

Which is, like, never.

Let’s see what this WordPress thing will lead us to…

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