DotNet “Agile” Rocks

Among the media I try to consume to better understand the trade and affairs of my business are not only the Channel 9 videos, on PDC, and the like, but also the dotnetrocks podcasts.

While I’m not listening regularly enough to really catch up with the show, and the content is usually only marginally helpful and rather often quite trivial and “d’oh!”, there are some pearl episodes.

One of those is show #527, “Joel Semeniuk on using TFS with small teams”.

It starts of slow as usual, as the interviewers and the interviewee seem to have to find out what they are going to talk about and take some time to go off on the right tangent.

And then there is the usual praise and dismay with the Microsoft stack and how people do the wrong thing and not the right and so on.

But, at 42:14, the show really goes off into an insightful realm of reflection on agile vs. waterfall that is just a pleasure to listen to and to think through.

So even if I don’t relate to either Mr. “VB’s all y’a need” Carl Franklin, nor Mr. “IT won’t let u” Campbell, the stuff they get their guests to say really rocks the .NET world.


Reminds me that I don’t really get why people would want to paint the world in black and white, in waterfall or agile, in process or progress, in closed or open, concrete or abstract. Why isn’t it obvious to anybody that it is also not about any shades of gray in-between, but about the fact that a multi-dimensional problem space cannot be successfully analyzed linearly?

The world is not a single number.

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