A final utterance on Software Engineering?

If I ever want the title of this blog to mean something, I have to link to this (via Jeff Atwood and Ward Bell).

Now, for me, although I admire Tom DeMarco for his once clear vision about running software projects, Software Engineering was never much about project management, but more about the behavior and methods that distinguish a well-trained, proudly professional team of for-profit software developers from a cohort of hobbyists or programmers-by-chance.

This is where I see the danger of Tom DeMarco’s essay – it may be used by the cheaters to justify hasty methodologies and it is a slap in the face of Clean Code and similar schools of thought.

It’s a fairly audacious thing to say

The more important goal is transformation, creating software that changes the world or that transforms a company or how it does business.

right after forsaking any method of confirming it.

I wonder how the developers of “Notepad” live with that.

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