HTC Touch Pro ROM Update? Not worth the hassle.

HTC recently published ROM update 5.05.407.1 GER for the HTC Touch Pro.

Some of the issues I wanted to have fixed were

  • Overall slowness and lack of instant feedback
  • Unrecoverable 3G/GPRS connection failures
  • Intermittent speaker failure or static noise
  • Memory shortages, especially Opera vs. Windows Media Player
  • Text input, in particular getting rid of the crappy, buggy and insanely useless T9 implementation
  • TouchFlo Music Player playing an album’s songs in undefined order and pausing for 2 to 4 seconds between songs.
  • Opera responsiveness and zoom on “mobile” pages
  • Opera closing the search box before I’m finished entering text
  • Get out-of-the-box EAP-TTLS and Remote Desktop

Control Panel Device Version InfoSo, I hastily backed up my stuff using RapiConfig and SpriteBackup and applied the update.

Oh, I shouldn’t have.

None of the issues are solved. I even lost some functionality because without restoring the Sprite Backup, not all my settings are there and with restoring it, mail accounts and Touch Flo music player no longer work.

Not speaking of the time that stupid Sprite Backup spends backing up files that have been synchronized with the desktop anyway.


The device is still painfully slow. It takes about one minute before I can enter the device PIN and another 30 seconds before the phone PIN is accepted and another minute until TouchFlo starts and again over 30 seconds to start Opera and the home page.


Opera and the connection failures got even worse.

And zooming in and out when filling in framed web forms is clearly not what this version of Opera was built for (or tested against).


imageFinally, Windows Media Player still needs most of the device’s memory to play a song.

Of course will it trim itself on demand, but in the battle against HTC’s “task” manager precious CPU cycles are wasted which definitely are not invested in actually playing music.

I’m not sure if it is this what causes the 5 to 10 seconds delay between songs, but something is. With the same SD card I did not have similar problems on the previous ROM version.



The static noise and failing speaker is actually an electromechanical problem, some sort of a cold soldering connection, I guess. If I squeeze the lower body a little, I can actually make the speaker play something.

Time to test-drive the marvelous HTC customer support.

The update procedure is a two-hours-or-more pain in neck, in particular the need to backup and restore and the quality of the results of that.

First, if all Windows Mobile software could agree on where to store user settings, backup and migration would be way easier.

Second, why can’t HTC include a backup solution that is suited for it’s device software setup and provide updated guidance with its updates?

And last, why is ActiveSync so stupid that it can’t tell an updated device from a new one? And with all these fancy configuration and management interfaces for service providers, why can’t any of those be used by professional backup software?

HTC is already busy marketing the next generation devices, so I guess that, just shy of one year after go-to-market this update is going to be the last we here about the Touch Pro from it’s makers.

Time will tell if Android is ahead in this respect or if it is bound to repeat the mistakes of its foregoers. And we will be able to see if it’s Microsoft or HTC’s challenged software department that’s causing grieve on the people that spend several days of time and labor buying and configuring their devices.

Given that there is now more choice and diversity in the high-price smartphone space, I may be not motivated to invest in HTC next time I’m shopping around.

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