Engineering Windows 7

Usually I link to the more interesting stuff I read using my link blogfeed on Bloglines.

Today, however, I want to make an exception because I find it useful to give an interesting read a more prominent appearance and also document that I read it.

The Engineering Windows 7 blog is a blog by Windows Executives responsible for the development of Windows 7. They talk about interesting, controversial and subtle issues that affect the design of the platform.

And they usually let their people speak, about usability, user account control, search, window management.

But yesterday’s post about how Windows was and is actually developed is outstanding for a "company" blog.

Apart from the fact that anybody involved in software development management should read it and compare it to their own beliefs and processes (if just for dismissing it for good reasons), it shows that Microsoft is actually willing to talk about everything, IMHO a great step towards transparency.

Now, question is, is that a good thing?

It can’t hurt, can it?

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