The project location is not trusted

When opening a project file, Visual Studio displays a warning message "The project location is not trusted:".
The project file or its location will not receive FullTrust and may not be executed correctly, or at all.
  1. The project is located on a UNC path.
  2. The project was downloaded and processed with software that knows about URL Security Zones



Lowering security settings can and will harm your computer or yourself, sooner or later. 
Have a backup and disaster recovery strategy established and well-tested.
Proceed at your own risk. Brace for impact.

  1. Login as an administrator and administer Code Access Security.
  2. Unblock the files using the Properties dialog in Explorer or remove the Zone.Identifier Alternate Data Stream using streams or change ZoneId to URLZONE_TRUSTED (2) or URLZONE_LOCAL_MACHINE (0) using Notepad.


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