HP ProLiant ML350 G5 Disk Failures and Lockup/Freeze

From my experience, HP ProLiant servers are quite good value for the buck, although it’s quite a lot of buck, actually, and the tag "server" is really only applicable to the machines greater than a ML150.

The configuration and maintenance software is usable and doesn’t make management too hard.

I’m using 412645-B21 (ProLiant ML350 G5), 436013-L21 (E5345, Intel Quad-Core Xeon), 351580-B21 (E200 128MB BBWC) and 395473-B21 (500GB 7.2k HP SATA), theoretically a dream machine, but as so often with my hardware choices, a recipe for disaster.

You don’t want to use the E200 RAID controller: https://forums12.itrc.hp.com/service/forums/questionanswer.do?threadId=1154084

It is a horrible experience getting the HP service to analyze and acknowledge such an issue. Their strategy:

1. Blame the customer

1a. It’s a software issue. The customer uses uncertified applications, wrong drivers, old firmware.

1b. It’s a customer configuration issue. The customer uses uncertified parts.

2. Replace the hell out of the machine

2a. Replace disks.

2b. Replace the controller.


They’d save a ton of cash assuming a firmware problem in the first place. Especially when so many people over such a long time encounter identical issues.

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