What is the WER story for Managed Code?

Find out. It was not much last time I looked.

WER is Windows Error Reporting, that is, display of sincere apologies for unrecoverable software faults and the opportunity to shove them in the face of someone somewhat related to someone responsible, knowledgeable or at least supposable of understanding.

FailFast. Now that’s a name, but not a misnomer because it ignores any finally not in constrained execution.

However, it all goes up to Windows Quality Online Services (Winqual) and it seems hard to do anything about it going somewhere else.

In order to use the Microsoft service, some organizational decisions and code-signing strings including VeriSign fees are attached.

How comes every time I need to do something with certificates, I run into VeriSign’s hand held wide open collecting money?

I could imagine we would all have personal certificates and code and email would be always signed if it wasn’t for that behemoth squeezing and sucking on the Internet.

Probably, it would be possible to persuade my corporate masters to cough up the $399 because it’s "for customer sat", but it keeps bugging me big time it’d be feeding the full.

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