A quick update on Windows Vista and the Technotrend TT-budget C-1500 DVB-C PCI TV-Tuner

Although there is a driver (BETA update from May, 15th 2007) available, the story is still unfinished.
It will install. But there’s nothing you can do with it. This BDA-driver is BETA and doesn’t play with Windows Media Center.
You better download the TT-Media Center (also BETA), which includes the driver, BTW.
This will install, too. (So much better than last time.)
It will scan channels and you’ll be able to watch TV.
Next time it will hang and burn your CPU (exactly one CPU, if you have more).
Workaround: Delete the Technotrend hive in HKCUSoftware. Please check it’s HKEY_CURRENT_USER, you are working in. Maybe, you have to remove "Intervideo for Technotrend" as well.
And, no, ProSieben.HD or SAT1.HD won’t show. Support for HDTV is limited to MPEG-2, although the board does software decoding anyway.
So, what do we have and what can we hope for?
We have a driver that doesn’t work with Media Center, a run-once only TV application and support for H.264 only with the premium S2 board.
Can I really hope they get out of BETA, fix MCE and provide H.264 for cable, if only for Intel QX6700 or better?
Probably time to switch to Satelco. Although they are solving the Windows MCE problem with Buhl Sceneo Vista TV. This is a TV app within the Media Center TV app. Not exactly peace-of-mind.
On a sidenote: Praise Siemens! Despite their management "issues" they found time to update their ISDN software for seven year old Gigaset 4175i to support Windows Vista and it works like a charm!
In your face HP! My next all-in-one printer/scanner is so not going to be from you.
Finally, ATI/ASUS found also headcount to assemble a 120 megabytes graphics driver download for Windows Vista that doesn’t completely suck (of course, it’s BETA). Anyway, it too can’t push my Radeon 1300 above it’s 4.1 gaming performance rating.
So I’m sticking with XP for the time being. But I’m on my way out.
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