Windows Live Writer causes svchost to run at 100%

I wanted to write something interesting, really.
But the state of today’s ubiquitous beta software is just that: beta.
So I write about that.
My favorite blog writing tool, Windows Live Writer 1.0.1 (6), has been updated to a new version 1.0 (12.0.1183.516) and now I wanted to use the latest and greatest.
Uh, oh. Utter failure. Again.
On a fully patched Windows XP machine, it causes svchost to burn every cycle of the CPU. Probably the same ‘ol Automatic Update Services terror that haunted us past month. There’s wuaueng.dll in the bad thread, that’s what I could see before my debugger (Visual Studio) hung up on me loading symbols.
Somebody call SoftICE to the rescue.
Everybody else, be patient. It appears, the attack lasts half an hour, or so. So make sure your laptop’s battery is fully loaded before running the new beta of Windows Live Writer for the first time. And have a spare machine to actually get something done.
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