ASP.NET AJAX Debugging

I came across Free ASP.NET AJAX Online Training (via Brad Abrams) and decided it’s time to take a training.

While most of the content (so far) is as boring as any other self-paced online training, the show case for Nikhil Kothari’s Web Development Helper is absolutely compelling. Forget Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar, it just doesn’t compare.

If you want to get the facts on ASP.NET AJAX, the training (so far) seems to provides a reasonable technical overview, and some insight as well (I hope).

[Update 1] As I proceed with the training, one note about the ASP/AJAX integration: It’s not finished. I mean, look at the non-linearities when using web service methods from client-side script. Finding client side control id’s is not as easy as it could be, isn’t it?

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