Every browser crash has a possible exploit (I guess)

Neither the IE update or the VML workaround fix the IE 6 crashing on my live space, where Firefox and IE 7 (on Vista RC1) do not.

I guess I should craft an exploit to get famous and rich.

But my time and skills are limited, so here is the upper part of the crash site stack:

mshtml.dll!CLineServices::VerticalAlignNode() + 0x3c8 bytes
mshtml.dll!CLineServices::VerticalAlignNode() + 0x577 bytes
mshtml.dll!CLineServices::VerticalAlignNode() + 0x577 bytes
mshtml.dll!CLineServices::VerticalAlignObjects() + 0x146 bytes
mshtml.dll!CLSMeasurer::Measure() + 0x63616 bytes
mshtml.dll!CLSMeasurer::MeasureLine() + 0x29 bytes
mshtml.dll!CRecalcLinePtr::MeasureLine() + 0x1b8 bytes

There are more frames, but it’s a heinous chore to step out of the recursion and see the restored stack. Also due to my proxy’s web-washing there is a myriad of script errors happening that prevent a quick script step-through analysis.

Disabling script does fix the problem, but that kind of defeats the purpose of Web 2.0, now doesn’t it?

Daily TyTN (currently away): The USB port is not proprietary. It’s "enhanced mini-USB (EMU)". [s/proprietary/exotic/g].

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