Windows Live Writer and Mozilla and TyTN (updates)

Three totally unrelated topics, related only by "things not working as they should".

I’m using Windows Live Writer right now, as it is still impossible to view or edit my space in a fully patched Internet Explorer on Windows XP SP2. IE always crashes into the debugger when the imported feed part is being loaded.

There is another update I have to check, but until then, I’m utterly sorry but can only recommend using Mozilla Firefox to view my space (totally odd), or Internet Explorer 7 RC1 (haven’t tried) or disable anything dynamic by adding the site to "Restricted Sites".

My TyTN is on it’s way to desrepair, although, as it is common with my provider, the device only, not the battery, headset or the leather case, which IMHO would need to be replaced, too.

More things I probably want to consider before ordering something complicated again through a telephony service provider:

  1. A telephony service provider does not target (or try to be aware of) technology-savvy people. So support for self-service will be limited and differ from provider to provider. While one provider offers free downloadable software updates, the other might not even indicate  the availability or necessity of such updates.
  2. The HTC support is non-responsive, so buying the thing directly is limited to vendors that provide extensive and knowledgeable support. Most don’t or aren’t cheap.

And, notice to self

  1. E-Mail accounts on the TyTN may vanish after soft-reset. The downside is that somewhere in depths of Pocket Outlook, the accounts still exist, so a new account with the same name cannot be created. I really need to investigate this one.
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