Finding Great Developers. For what?

Is it that time of the year again? This year Joel Spolsky is the one to come up with the "top 5%" rule in his recent article on "Finding Great Developers".

A good, though lengthy read about a great company. Perhaps.

Joel doesn’t have comments on his website so I need to memorize my thoughts here to have it handy when the topic comes up again.

Apart from being so arrogant as to divide the world of developers into great, solid or "morbidly unqualified" individuals, it is also blatantly ignorant of the fact that companies and teams and jobs and projects and tasks also fall into similar categories.

Not every job is a great challenge. Not every task rewarding. Not every hierarchy is shallow and not every process agile. And at the end of the day, you really need no Einstein or Elvis to parse angle-bracket delimited text. Nor do you want to pay them. At least if you can’t make them pay for themselves through successful projects.

So a company that is not entirely a software company, and is willing to pay it’s developers only Mort’s wages, has no need to move to the mountain, or build communities.

Internships will certainly suffice, if only to increase the operating margin.

Having been through some highs and lows and having been turned down on a couple of occasions, according to Joel, I’m a morbidly unqualified software developer.

But hey, somebody has to do the garbage, right?

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