Attending a Tom Kyte training …

is giving you the warm feeling of money well-spent.
Tried first-class coach with Deutsche Bahn. Not worth it, even with a 25% discount. A 2nd-class coach seat reservation totally suffices.
The pricey yet somewhat aged Munich hotel I’m staying at? Hmm. I’m probably too blind to see the added value, even with the whooping 60% discount. They’re charging an arm and a leg for Internet access; that’s what I’ll get feelings about. Not about the fancy tree pictures on the Men’s room wall.
But just a couple of minutes listening to a Tom Kyte talk makes you feel it’s worth it:
"Data is more important than apps. Applications come and go. You too are not going to write the last application ever. Yet somebody might care about the data, later."
There is so much buzz about ORM and the forgettableness and just-there-ness of the database, yadda, yadda. There’s the argument. In your face.
The training is starting off with just the bare essentials. Even if you’re called to an emergency database administration call right after lunch (as many of the attending cell-phone juggling DBA’s are pretending to have been), there’s already a lot of give-aways. Use autotrace, dbms_xplan, even statspack tea-leaves reading and you’re going to do a lot better.
For developers: choose arraysize! First non-default at all and then wisely. Another version of "chunky" not "chatty".
Know what you’re going to change and why and have the facts to back it up. Measure, don’t guess, regardless of how educated you might get it wrong.
Don’t trust anything, especially ratios, unless you have the numbers that go with the numbers.
Get out of the "release-only bug" hell by heavenly instrumentation. Trace every action that takes more than a couple of seconds. Instrumentation is not "overhead" but an integral part of application design because it allows you to keep the app well-running, which is a very desirable functionality.
Indexes that help the DBA fire-up the oh-so database-unaware app.
There you have it all.
And there is yet another day to come. We barely have been starting with the "All about bind." chapter.
I hope all the guys show up on time ("0900 sharp"). As long as it took all of them to get back to session after the coffee-breaks, Tom must think the German discipline must have gone to the dogs.
Has it?
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