It’s done! The little project I participated in is finally out of the door.
My contribution was in the area of project data organization and object level security, where I compiled the requirements into an External Reference Specification for the related changes to the overall system, defined and overlooked the implementation and finally (and mostly) travelled between the QA lab and my desk to get the bugs fixed.
The original scope was much broader but we had to cut the feature list short after it became obvious that the ambitious release date target could not be met with all of that implemented AND tested.
Now, looking back it would have been better to be more critical of the initial requirements. Maybe I was too shy or inexperienced to really question each and every aspect of the requirements implicated design I religiously extended into a software specification.
Some of the things we implemented have a clumsy touch to them, due to mezzanine features we had to omit. If the scope we now shipped would have been defined in the first place, maybe a more elegant design could have evolved from discussions with product management and customers.
But then again, now it’s over and out and I can go and concentrate on something else.
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One Response to Shipped

  1. Thomy Kay says:

    What’s left to say: Good luck and much fun with ‘something else’!

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