ISusInternal API failed CClientCallRecorder::DisconnectCall with error 0x8024000c

For .NET 2.0 development I’m working on a VPC image w/ W2K3SP1 as non-admin.

From time to time I want to use Windows Update and Office Update. I do that frequently enough so the shortcut stays pinned to the Start Menu. 

Since Windows Update needs to run as admin, I start it with "Run as …". That worked like a charm.

With Service Pack 1 things changed. It failed without giving a specific error code or message.

I tried to fiddle with proxycfg as I needed for XPSP2 but things wouldn’t improve. In %systemroot%WindowsUpdate.log (not "%systemroot%Windows Update.log" !) I found the error message "WU client failed installing updates with error 0x80240020" and a final return value of 0x8024000c but I couldn’t resolve those to error messages.

I googled it and finally found indication that this is related to Windows Update not being able to show some user interface.

So I logged off and logged on as Administrator. Now Automatic Updates was already blinking at me and the whole update ran through without problems.

Ok. Well, what the heck.

But thinking abot it, in the end, I don’t find this a very good experience.

First, instead of showing the lovely "Administrators Only" page, I expect Windows Update to ask for an administrators credentials and proceed.

Second, the workaround it suggests should work.

Third, if there is a failure, the Windows Update Troubleshooter should at least show the error message.

Finally, I Windows Update should handle any non-recoverable error during the process in a  Dr. Watson-like manner.

Well, let’s leave it at "Wait for Reoccurrence".

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