Installing Visual Studio 2005 February CTP

I’m currently having a hard time installing the February CTP bits.

Basically the old .NET Framework 2.0.40607 wouldn’t go away and 2.0.50110 failed to install.

Frustrated as I was, I side-tracked and tried to uninstall W2K3 SP1 RC2 and install SP1 final. This didn’t exactly cheer me up as it completely hosed the VPC image. Keyboard not working is a death sentence. Luckily, I found a recent backup and after lunch I was on SP1.

Back to the framework issue. Uninstalling VS2005 Beta1 went smoothly but hosed the uninstalls of .NET Framework 2.0 and the J# Redist. They can only be removed from the Software Control Panel without being uninstalled.

I took the rocky path of deleting any remnants of 2.0.40607 on sight and using my beloved Windows Installer Cleanup Tool to remove the traces.

Careful as I am, I also occasionally restarted the machine to let the magic unfold.

Afterwards, the default install of the Feb CTP ran past the framework installation and even let me cancel it without breaking into pieces.

Now I can do the custom install without SQL Express as I’m planning to use the SQL 2005 Feb CTP which is why I started the whole thing at all.

I guess I have to redo when Beta2 is out.

At the current installation’s speed, I can only hope it’s finished until then.


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