The tide comes in: Dynamic Typing

If people like Martin Fowler talk favorably about Dynamic Typing, as found in Smalltalk, Python or Ruby, and there’s no job without it, I’d better start caring.

Fowler mentions type safety as a way to catch errors at compile time, which I think is an invaluable advantage.

I guess we all think Intellisense is cool, but let’s not have that as a value proposition.

But what I like most about Static Typing is the same thing I like about "if (0 == n) …", it’s safe by default.

And why does Fowler like Dynamic Typing? He loves to be a hacker, just like anyone else.

So here’s the thing: If you love Dynamic Typing, because it let’s you hack, wouldn’t you be likely to skip the chores of writing that automated testing to catch all the bugs?

I think, Dynamic Typing sends the wrong message. You can’t be lazy about code you want to ship.

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