Ever wondered what a capabilities a Program Manager should have?

Have a look at that job description.

Glossary (Geek teaser buzz words revealed):

  • Closures: Function objects, Anonymous methods
  • Lamda (Did I mean Lambda?): Closures used as language constructs
  • Virtual dispatch: Whatchamacall? (Which class’s method implementation should we call?)
  • VB [Visual Basic (.NET)]: Syntactically sweetened interface method call dispatch environment
  • F#: Geek^H^H^H^HAcademic functional language on top of .NET
  • C#: It’s somewhat dissimilar to a flavor of Java unsuccessful in trying to not look like it’s unrelated to Delphi
  • Python: 1. A snake. 2. Neither Smalltalk nor Perl
  • Lua: 1. A word in Portuguese that means "moon". 2. An academic general- (not no-) purpose language with dynamic typing and not totally ugly syntax.
  • ECall: d’oh! Get yourself wet in the depth of EE
  • FCall: Shortcut ECall if you know what you’re doing. I don’t.
  • MethodDescs: Represents a method deep in the CLR.
  • MethodTables: VTableEx
  • CLI: What’s in it for me
  • CLR: It’s not vbrun700.exe
  • CLS: To comply or not comply …
  • SSCLI: What is it: Anybody can see inside but it’s not open.
  • WinFX: Win16, Win32, Win32s, Win64, Win…
  • Ruby: 1. A pretentious character in The Fifth Element 2. OO Perl
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